We’ve started beekeeping!

Taking advantage of our 35m garden and due to the UK bee population dying out we’ve decided to give beekeeping a try. We’ve enrolled with the Derbyshire Beekeepers Association and have been attending meetings for the last few months.

We’ve learnt so much about these fascinating creatures – did you know:

  • There’s up to 50,000 bees in a single hive
  • Bees are born with a job role – Drone, Nurse Bee, Guard Bee
  • There’s always a queen cell ready to be fertilised should anything happen to the queen
  • A hive can produce up to 30 jars of honey

We’ve had our bees a week now and we’ve seen them take their orientation flights to learn their new landscape. They have seem to have found a good source of food one of which is Himalayan Balsam which leaves the bees coming back to the hive looking like they’ve been dusted with icing sugar!

Here’s the first few pictures from our hive – see if you can spot the queen in the first pic!

SAM_0242 SAM_0248

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